1 Year in Troop 266

  • Discovery of the great outdoors
  • Friendship
  • Opportunities to achieve
  • Tools to make the most of family, community and nation
  • Building ability and maturity

Interested in joining? If you are a boy of at least age 11 but not yet 18 and interested in joining The Boy Scouts of America, you've already met the first requirement of scouting, interest. The second step to joining The Boy Scouts is finding a troop near you. If you are local to the Dunwoody, Georgia area you are invited to visit Troop 266 by attending one of our Monday evening full troop meetings. If you are not local to Dunwoody, you will need to find a local council and a troop near you.

Inquires about joining Troop 266 may be directed via email to JoinScouting@troop266.us or voice mail at 404-939-4BSA.

Parents, Troop 266 is a boy led scout troop. The scouts elect their own leaders and decide on the activities of the troop. The parent's role is to insure safety and give support when necessary. Scouting, however, is not hands-off parenting, your involvement is essential to the success of your son in scouting and is some of the most joyful and productive time a parent can experience.

Community Service is fundamental to scouting. If your community service project could benefit from scout volunteers, please tell us about it in an email sent to CommunityService@troop266.us or voice mail at 404-939-4BSA. As participation in service projects is scheduled during monthly planning meetings, requests should be received no later then the second Monday of the month preceding that in which service is to be scheduled.